Social media and sports can mix well

I love social media. I know this does not come as a surprise, but I love the good, bad, and ugly of it. The best subject to get all three is definitely sports social media.

More sports teams are actively involved in social media, and with that comes consequences, as the New England Patriots witnessed recently.

I personally enjoy when teams’ social media pages encourage participation with fans, and with other teams. Sports are meant to be fun, and it is enjoyable to see teams be accountable for what they post, but be creative as well.

The NBA’s Atlanta Hawks are on of my favorites on interacting with other teams. Win or lose, the Hawks’ Twitter is ready to go as shown below.

The 2014 NBA Playoffs featured five first round matchups that went to a game seven. The Hawks were one of the teams who lost, and sympathized with the others.

The MLB’s Texas Rangers do a good job of getting fans involved. During the season, they encourage fans to ask players questions using the #TexasTwitterTUE. This gives the fans a good look inside of what players are thinking during the regular season.

To fans, if you tweet at a player or team, please be ready to receive a response that may not appease you. There are actual people behind these pages, and they have feelings too.


Author: reginecliatt

Finding my passion again by writing about me and everything else

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